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Singapore: Garden by the Bay – The amazing Nature Museum

Talking about Garden by the Bay is a reference to the pride of every Singaporean

One year ago, I had the opportunity to come to Singapore to work and heard Singaporeans introduce so much about Garden by the Bay. But because of rush time, I did not visit this wonderful garden. Learning from experience, the second trip to singapore, I choose this would be my first destination. For convenience, I booked ticket online at Garden by the Bay’s website in order to not only saving time queuing up but also having time to find out upcoming activities in the garden.

Gardens by the Bay is located right in the heart of Singapore’s new urban area, on the edge of Marina Bay, next to Marina Fresh Water Lake and adjacent to Marina Bay Casino Complex. To get there, you can experience Singapore’s subway or bus, the service is great. About my part, fortunately, Parkroyal on Pickering hotel , where I stayed when I was in Singapore, is right next to Chinatown MRT Station so I chose a subway train. The train stops at the Bayfront station, then I followed the signboards leading to Garden by the Bay.

Garden by the Bay is about 101 hectares wide. It is a combination of architectural construction and park design. Garden by the Bay has lots of things to explore, In addition, you can not ignore Bay South – the garden has 18 “super giant trees” which are decorated with rows of flowers, tropical ferns.

It is noteworthy that the opening time of Garden by the Bay is from 5 am to 2 am the next morning, but day-time is the best time to see the rich collection of plants with more than 200 thousand species collected around the world, from rare individuals like the 1000 year old olive tree from Spain to the exotic flowers always fresh all year. So, be sure to fully charge the camera battery and carry as many free memory cards, as well as spare batteries as you can, to be always ready to keep beautiful moments at Garden by the Bay. If you like taking pictures of flowers, you may have to take over 1000 photos!

In addition, you can not ignore Bay South – the garden has 18 “super giant trees”, decorated with rows of flowers, tropical ferns. The highlight of these super plants is that it can not receive rain water, can filter air and synthesize solar energy and provide light to the whole park. At Bay South, you can not skip the overhead skyway, OCB Skyway which is connected from one super tree to another to see Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay.

There are many groups of children following their teachers or parents visiting Garden by the Bay. Listen to the interesting stories behind every plant and modern system here from the guides, they are all excited and happy with new knowledge of our rich nature.

Garden by the Bay is amazing, isn’t it?


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