Everybody has a fear of failure at some level.

Everybody has a fear of failure at some level.

“Everybody has a fear of failure at some level, at times we’ve all been fearful that perhaps we are not enough. Even when we know what to do, our fear can keep us from executing our plans.

As a result, rather than face our natural fears, what do we do? We come up with stories. Stories about why we’re not where we want to be. Why we’re not smart enough, successful enough, thin enough, rich enough, loved or loving enough.

Our stories almost always relate to something outside our control, or our lack of some natural talent or ability. But talent and skill are two key elements to success attainable by anyone who is truly committed. You can get the skill if you can get beyond the mental limits of how hard, difficult, or “impossible” it may be to master something.

You’ve made the single most important financial decision of your life by deciding precisely how much you’re going to save to build your Freedom Fund so you can tap into that and create a money machine that makes money while you sleep. And we’ve taken the time to look through all of the marketing myths that can trip you up along the way.

So what’s left?

I’ve found there are only three elements that make the difference between success and failure in the long run between whether you stay where you are, or you move forward. The last thing out there standing in our way is often our own story, our own limitations, our own fears.” – Tony Robbins




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