The past is no more, it is dead

The past is no more, it is dead

“Be in the moment. Bring your total being into the moment. Don’t allow the past to interfere and don’t allow the future to come in. The past is no more, it is dead.

And Jesus says, “Let the dead bury their dead.” The past is no more, why are you worried about it? Why do you go on chewing it again and again and again? Are you mad? It is no more; it is just in your mind, it is just a memory.

The future is not yet-what are you doing thinking about the future? That which is not yet, how can you think about it? Whatsoever you do about it is not going to happen, and then when you will be frustrated, because the whole has its own plan. Why do you try to have your own plans against it?

The existence has its own plans, it is wiser than you-the whole has to be wiser than the part. Why are you pretending to be the whole? The whole has its own destiny, its own fulfillment; why do you bother about it? And whatsoever you do will be a sin because you will be missing the moment-this momment. And if it becomes a habit-as it becomes; if you start missing, it becomes a habitual form-then when the future has come again, you will be missing it because it will not be a future when it comes, it will be a present.

Yesterday you were thinking about today because then it was tomorrow; now it is today and you are thinking about tomorrow, and when tomorrow comes, it will become today-because anything that exists, exists here and now, it cannot exist otherwise. And if you have a fixed mode of functioning such that your mind always looks at tomorrow, then when you will live? Tomorrow never comes. Then you will go on missing-and this is sin

The moment the future enters, time enters. You have sinned against existence, you have missed. And this has become a fixed pattern, robotlike, you go on missing.

So remember one thing: Whenever you realize that you have gone to the past or into the future, don’t create a problem out of it. Simply come to the present, not creating any problems. It’s okay!

Simply bring back your awareness. You will miss millions of times; it is not going to happen right now, immediately. It can happen, but it can not happen because of you. It is such a long, long fixed mode of behavior that you can not change it right now. But no worry, existence is not in a hurry. Eternity can wait eternally. Don’t create a tension about it.” – Osho




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