You have to be the source of your change

You have to be the source of your change

“There are three specific beliefs about responsibility that a person must have if they’re going to create long term change:

1) First, we must believe, “Something must change”, not that it should change, not that it could or ought to, but that it absolutely must. So often I hear people say, “This weight should come off,” “Procrastinating is a lousy habit,” “My relationships should be better.”

But you know, we can “should” all over ourselves, and our life still won’t change! It’s only when something becomes a must that we begin the process of truly doing what’s necessary to shift the quality of our lives.

2) Second, we must not only believe that things must change, but we must believe, “I must change it.” We must see ourselves as the source of the change. Otherwise, we’ll always be looking for someone else to make the changes for us, and we’ll always have someone else to blame when it doesn’t work out.

We must be the source of our change if our change is going to last.

3) Third, we have to believe, “I can change it.” Without believing that it’s possible for us to change, as we’ve already discussed in the last chapter, we stand no chance of carrying through on our desires.

Without these three core beliefs, I can assure you that any change you make stands a good chance of being only temporary.

Please don’t misunderstand me, it’s always smart to get a great coach (an expert, a therapist, a counselor, someone who’s already produced these results for many other people) to support you in taking the proper steps to conquer your phobia or quit smoking or lose weight.

But in the end, you have to be the source of your change.” – Tony Robbins




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