Man’s mind has always been trying to do two impossible things

Man’s mind has always been trying to do two impossible things

“Man’s mind has always been trying to do two impossible things.

One is to reform the past which can not be done. The past has happened. You can not really go into the past. When you think of going into the past, at the most you go into the memory of it; it is not the real past, it is just the memory. The past is no more so you can not reform it.

This is one of the impossible goals of humanity, and man has suffered very much because of it. You want to undo the past how can you undo it? The past is absolute. The past means that all the potential of a thing is finished, it has become actual. Now there is no longer any potential to reform it, to undo it, to redo it. You cannot do anything with the past.

And the second impossible idea that has always dominated the human mind is establish the future which again, cannot be done. Future means that which is not yet, you cannot establish it. Future remains unestablished, future remains open.

Future is pure potentiality, unless it happens, you cannot be certain about it. Past is pure actuality, it has happened.

Now nothing can be done about it. Between these two, man stands in the present always thinking of the impossible. He wants to make everything certain about the future, about tomorrow which cannot be done. Let it sink as deeply in your heart as possible: it cannot be done. Don’t waste your present moment trying to make the future certain.

The future is uncertainty; that is the very quality of the future. And don’t waste your time looking back. The past has happened, it is a dead phenomenon. Nothing can be done about it. At the most what you can do is preinterpret it, that’s all. That’s what spychoanalysis is doing: reinterpreting it. Reinterpretation can be done, but the past remain the same.” – Osho




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