We can create positive energy in our life and in the world

We can create positive energy in our life and in the world

This is an exercise in 5 easy steps I feel is very helpful to stop fighting with the uncomfortable feelings and to help them let go of me.

1. Notice where you feel some kind of stress or unease in your body.

Usually it is somewhere in your body. Put your hand on your chest, solar plexus, or stomach to see if you find any tension there. Just notice it. You don’t have to do anything about it.

2. Listen to what limiting belief you have about yourself that goes together with the feeling.

Many times it is a version of not feeling good enough, fear of being rejected, or unwanted or that you don’t believe you are able to manage a specific situation.

3. When you become aware of what is going on, can you see what you want instead?

If you feel not good enough. Do you long for feeling that you are good enough? If you don’t believe that you can manage a specific situation, would you like to feel confident that you can manage. Whatever your limiting belief is, it shows you that you long for something different. It helps you to become aware.

4. Give thanks to the uncomfortable feeling.

It came to you and opened up your awareness. It is a gift and when you treat it like that it will let go of you. It’s purpose is not to harm you or to make you feel small. It wants to communicate to you and when you listen it has fulfilled its purpose and will then leave you.

5. Now wait for inspiration.

When you feel calm and balanced again you will be able to hear your intuition. Because you have released some limiting belief you have changed. And you will do things in a different way. Without even thinking about it. You have cleared something that was standing in the way from you seeing your true self.

If we listen to the message coming from within, we can learn from it, we can grow, and we can be the creator of our best life. Once we understand how to use our feelings and emotions, and harness their intuitive energy, instead of simply reacting to them, we can create positive energy in our life and in the world.

Time to Rise – Andrea Pennington




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