How Should We Handle Stress?

How Should We Handle Stress?

There is no blanket solution for stress, because it’s too complex and situational. But an early diagnosis and an open dialogue about stress will certainly reduce how it affects us and subsequently our loved ones.

If we are more open about our stress and we dare to be vulnerable and honest, we can get help, foster awareness, and minimize its harmful effects. Personally, I believe that taking care of yourself first, is always the right path to well being, and will influence the outcome of all your endeavors for the better.

If you find yourself stressed, get help. Speak to your family and then a professional who “speaks your language” and is able to communicate with you in a way you can understand. Then come up with a plan of action, be it, exercise, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, long walks, cutting back at work, or setting up boundaries.

Find what works for you and stick to it. You deserve it.

Time to Rise – Andrea Pennington




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