Do you want the big stuff for your life?

Do you want the big stuff for your life?

Even if you have a supportive family. Even if you have the greatest friends alive. Even if your spouse is the most encourging human and your number one fan..even then, girl, they will not want it as much as you do.

It doesn’t keep them up at night. It doesn’t light their soul on fire. It’s your dream.

Your own special wish that your heart made long before you were even conscious of it. You want to see it come to fruition? Well, then, you have to understand that nobody can take it away from you and ultimately nobody is going to help you achieve it. Not really.

You have to decide to pursue your wildest dreams. No matter what they are, no matter how simple or extravagant. No matter if they seem ridiculous to others or maybe even too easy… it doesn’t matter. They are your dreams, and you are allowed to chased them-not because you are more special or talented or well connected, but because you are worthy of wanting something more.

Because you are worthy of not letting your past dictate your future. Start today. Start right now, this very second, and promise yourself heck, promise me that you’ll reach for the big stuff.

Do you want the big stuff for your life?

You won’t get there by saying yes. Yes is the easy part. You’ll get there by not giving up when you hear the word no.”

Rachel Hollis




I love to travel and have taken time to experience life in many countries.



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