The Power to Reinvent Yourself

The Power to Reinvent Yourself

Now, let’s expand! If your identity isn’t everything you want it to be, then make it that way. Start by taking the following four steps to reinvent yourself.

1. Make a list right now of all the elements of your identity you want to have. As you make the list, revel in the power you have right now to change simply by deciding to.

Who are some people who have these characteristics you aspire to having? Can they serve as role models? Imagine yourself fusing with this new identity. Imagine how you’d breathe. How would you walk? How would you talk? How would you think? How would you feel?

2. If you’d truly like to expand your identity and your life, then, right now, consciously decide who you want to be. Get excited, be like a kid again, and describe in detail who you’ve decided you are today. Take a moment now to write down your expanded list.

3. Now develop a plan of action you could take that would cause you to know that you’re truly living consistently with your new identity. In developing this plan, pay special attention to the friends you’re choosing to spend time with. Will they reinforce or destroy the identity you’re creating?

There’s nothing quite as pleasurable as seeing someone expand their identity. One of the greatest joys I’ve experienced in recent years was watching the transformation of my eldest son, Tyler, as he went from a neophyte interested in flying helicopters with me, to a master jet pilot, to a commercial helicopter pilot.

What a change in self-esteem as he began to realize that he’d become one of the few who do versus the many who talk that he had mastered the skies and created for himself the unlimited freedom that few would ever hope to experience!

4. The final step is to commit to your new identity by broadcasting it to everyone around you. The most important broadcast, however, is to yourself. Use your new label to describe yourself every single day, and it will become conditioned within you.

Anthony Robbins




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