The key to wealth is to be more valuable.

The key to wealth is to be more valuable.

If you have more skills, more ability, more intelligence, specialized knowledge, a capacity to do things few others can do, or if you just think creatively and contribute on a massive scale, you can earn more than you ever thought possible.

The single most important and potent way to expand your income is to devise a way to consistently add real value to people’s lives, and you will prosper.

For example, why is a doctor paid more than a doorman? The answer is simple: the doctor adds more value. He has worked harder and developed himself so that he is worth more in terms of his capacity to add measurable value to people’s lives. Anyone can open a door. A doctor opens the doors of life.

Why are successful entrepreneurs so well rewarded financially in our culture? It’s because they add more value than virtually anyone around them. There are two primary benefits that entrepreneurs create. First, they obviously add value to their customers by increasing the quality of their lives through the use of their product. This, by the way, is critical for any company to prosper. So often, companies forget that their real purpose for being is not just to make a profit.

While a profit is an absolute must for a company to survive and flourish like eating or sleeping, a necessity it’s not the real purpose. The true purpose of any corporation is to create products and services that increase the quality of life for all the customers they serve. If this is achieved on a consistent basis, then profit is absolutely assured. However, a company can profit in the short term and not be here in the long term if it doesn’t continually add value to people’s lives. This holds true for corporations as much as individuals.

The second thing that entrepreneurs do is that, in creating their products, they create jobs. Because of these jobs, the employees’ children can go on to higher education and become doctors, lawyers, teachers, social workers, and add more value to society as a whole not to mention the fact that these families spend the money that they earn with other vendors.

The chain of value is never-ending. When Ross Perot was asked for the secret of his wealth, he said, “What I can do for this country is create jobs. I’m pretty good at that, and Lord knows we need them.” The more value you contribute, the more you will earn if you put yourself in the position to do so. The lesson is simple. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to add more value. But what you must do every day is to continually expand your knowledge, your skill, and your ability to give more. This is why self-education is so critical.

I became a very wealthy man at an extremely young age for one reason: I mastered skills and abilities that could instantaneously increase the quality of life for virtually anyone. Then I figured out a way to share that information and those skills with a huge number of people in a short period of time. As a result, I have prospered not only emotionally, but financially as well.

If you want to earn more money where you are today, one of the simplest ways to do so is to ask yourself,

“How can I be worth more to this company?
How can I help it to achieve more in less time?
How could I add a tremendous amount of value to it?
Are there some ways that I could help cut costs and increase quality?
What new system could I develop?
What new technology could I use that would allow the company to produce its products and services more effectively?”

If we can help people to do more with less, then we truly are empowering others, and we will be empowered economically as well, as long as we put ourselves in a position to do so.

Anthony Robbins




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