You’re supposed to live better, be more successful, and set a new standard.

You’re supposed to live better, be more successful, and set a new standard.

Sometimes people will try to put us in a box. They’ll tell us such things as, “You can’t start that business. You don’t have the resources. You’ll never afford a nice place to live, never get well, never meet the right person.”

Because their thinking is limited, they’ll try to put their limitations on you. You have to put your foot down and say, “I refuse to be mediocre because people around me are mediocre. I refuse to be addicted, depressed, and have low expectations. I know that I’m a barrier breaker. I’m going to set a new standard.”

It starts in your thinking. Nothing will change until you make up your mind that you are not going to accept mediocrity. Why don’t you take the limitations off yourself? You have so much potential.

Break out of that box and try something new. The enemy would love to keep that potential from ever coming out. He’ll use bad breaks, negative comments, people, and circumstances to try to keep you from believing in yourself, from believing that you can rise to the next level.

Many people have let their mind become conditioned to thinking they’ve reached their limits, they’re just average, they’ll never do anything great. What’s happened? Instead of breaking out, they’ve adapted to their environment.

Take the Limitations Off

I saw a study that was done with fleas. Researchers put fleas in a container and then put a lid on the top. The fleas immediately tried to jump out, but they hit the lid again and again. Before long they realized they were stuck. At one point the researchers removed the lid, but, much to their surprise, the fleas didn’t try to jump out anymore. They had hit that lid so many times that they had become conditioned to thinking they couldn’t get out. Even though the lid was off, they didn’t even try.

Sometimes, as with these fleas, because of the environment we’re in, the times we’ve tried and failed, and what people have told us, we’ve become conditioned to thinking, I can’t do anything great. I’ll never accomplish my dream. I’ll never get back in shape. It might not have happened in the past, you might have tried and hit that lid a few times, but can I tell you the lid is coming off?

It’s time to try again. You were not created to live contained, to get stuck. Recondition your mind.

Joel Osteen




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