Do you want to get well?

Do you want to get well?

We all can find a reason to live negatively, thinking we’re at a disadvantage. You might have been overlooked by your boss or had somebody walk out of a relationship with you. I’m asking you to get rid of the excuses.

It’s time to say, “It is finished. I’m done thinking about what I didn’t get, what didn’t work out, who hurt me.” You have to tell the past, tell the self-pity, tell the discouragement, “It is finished.” As long as you justify your condition, you’re giving it permission to stay.

You need to be careful about whom you surround yourself with, especially in difficult times. You may have an illness, but don’t go find other sick people to hang around. Misery loves company. If you struggle with an addiction, don’t hang out with people who are addicted. That’s going to cause you to get stuck. If you’re depressed, don’t go find five depressed friends so you all can be depressed together. Find people who have what you want. If you’re struggling in your finances, get around blessed people, generous people, people who are well off. If you tend to be negative and critical, don’t stay around people who are like that. Find people who are happy, positive, and grateful.

There should be something about you that says, “I want to get well. I want to be blessed. I want to go to the next level.


Joel Osteen




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